About Do It Yourself Games

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Do It Yourself Games is an independent game studio located in central Illinois with a focus on bringing independent content to life. Our goal is to create games that players can take and build on, release their own content for, and freely share their created content with others!

Right now our products include the core game system “LARP It Yourself” which is designed for Live Action Role Playing Games as well as Table Top Role Playing Games. We also have the Neon Glow game setting for LARP It Yourself, a cyber punk inspired game focused on living in a dystopian near future, as well as other settings in the works!

Join our Discord chat and get to know the community at https://discord.gg/yndpYuZ


As easy as a single 6 sided die

Most role playing game systems require full sets of dice, or multiples of the same type. Even then, many systems use special dice that you won't have just laying around unless you're already in to role playing games.

By using a single 6 sided die, we've created a system that even those new to gaming can pick up and play with little investment, using the same dice that come with many board games that you may already own!

Designed with Live Action in mind

Many game systems only exist to be played one way, and typically that's sitting around a table.

Live Action Role Playing games (LARPs) are becoming more popular, and unfortunately many existing game systems don't support it. Anywhere, any way, you can generate a random number between 1 and 6, you'll be able to play. Whether that's a dice app on your smart phone, a deck of playing cards, or carrying dice on your person, you'll be able to play.

You create the rules

Using our unique Power Creation system, you can play any kind of game you want whether it's Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror!

Don't feel like creating your own settings? Unique settings with custom content will be coming soon!