Coming up on the final release!

Sorry about radio silence, but we're coming up on a final release. The system seems solid and assuming we don't get any feedback that might require rewriting rules, we're on to adding art and final formatting.

The first supplement is still a bit out from being done and I'd like to release them together. But it's exciting to be able to say that one of the books is almost done!

I also discovered the Kindle version isn't updating properly, which may require pulling it from Amazon and for us to republish it under a new listing. If this happens, we'll be trying to find a way to get the final release to those who bought the Kindle edition at no charge. Hang tight for details!

An apology for the lack of updates

We ended up skipping the Developer Diary live stream over the weekend as there's no additional news to speak of yet. My primary play test, a LARP based out of Galesburg, IL, is still in the process of character creation. There's a few other people using the system that haven't run into any issues, but their games haven't gotten into combat yet.

A large chunk of my time has been going through and converting content from the Galesburg LARP's old system to this system so they can continue their game without too many hurdles, and the latest hurdle is the idea of creating (or summoning?) a living construct such as a golem or an elemental. I hadn't planned on someone wanting to do this sort of thing when the Powers system was created, and creating a creature under a player's control that acts independently is pretty significant in regards to game balance. I'm looking into ways to make this work in a capacity that's fair and balanced, and will likely include the resulting Power(s) in the Core or at least a later supplement. After all, no sense in someone else having to go through the trouble of doing it a second time if I've already done the work.


Errata as of 7-2-2018

New Flavor: Hex - Changes the appearance of a person in a capacity that is detrimental to the victim.

Brains, Brawn, Socialite have been changed to Mental, Physical, and Social respectively to minimize confusion.

Clarification added to the section on armor. All forms of worn armor give you two additional hit points. You can only gain this bonus from one piece of armor. 

These updates will go out in either our second Alpha wave, or our Beta wave, whichever happens first.

FREE Alpha Play Test Release

Want to help participate in the Alpha Playtest?

You can pick up a free copy of the Alpha rules through our website directly through our store!

Unlike the Kindle Edition, this version will not be updated (which is why we're giving it away at no charge). So if you want to try out the rules before you purchase the Kindled edition, this is a good way to do it!

The Kindle Edition, which is on Amazon right now for less than $1, WILL be updated throughout the development process. This is a huge discount when compared to what the final price is going to be.

If you do pick up the free copy of the Alpha, join us on Discord! I'd like to know what you think!