Production Delay

So we’ve hit some snags with artwork on both the core book and Neon Glow and we’re not going to be able to release before January is out after all.

Adverse weather conditions here in Illinois have made planning photoshoots difficult as I’m hoping to do them “on site” rather than rely on digital editing for backdrops. I think in the end, it will result in a higher quality product that I’d be truly happy with. While I could contact some artists and have pieces commissioned, our models are from our play tests as the characters they portrayed with their character history included in the book. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for all of their support on the project.

As for the core, I really want to release both books at the same time (as well as a third book with both the setting and the core rules in the same book). As such, the final edition of the core rules won’t be released until Neon Glow is complete. Fortunately, this means we have additional time to fine tune layout and artwork.

I apologize for the delay, but this is our first product and we want to do this right!

Neon Glow

Writing is complete on our first game supplement “Neon Glow!”

Neon Glow is the story of how Utopia comes with a cost.

Set in the near future, Neon Glow examines the decline of rural communities due to job loss from automation, food created in labs, and the rise of tech savvy and manipulative oligarchs. Neon Glow is probably best described as a “Proto-cyberpunk Western” in that the setting examines a city returning to a lawless untamed nature, fending for itself.

How will you live when the rest of society has abandoned you? Will you try and take over, ruling with an iron fist as some kind of sci-fi warlord? Will you be an expert in off grid living trying to help your community get back on it’s feet? Will you be a computer hacker trying to overthrow the oligarchs who abandoned millions in the name of profit?

It’s your world, we just want to help you create it.

The Artless Edition is LIVE

So the core rules are done and we’ve got an artist working on the first batch of art pieces for the book. However, we don’t quite have the budget for the entire core book and we haven’t even looked into artwork for our first setting supplement that we were hoping to release at the same time.

As such, we’re releasing a digital Artless Edition of the core rules now in the hopes that we can raise the funds for a final edition WITH artwork.

Purchase of the Artless Edition between now and the end of 2018 will get you a coupon code for a digital copy of the full edition at no additional charge!

Coming up on the final release!

Sorry about radio silence, but we're coming up on a final release. The system seems solid and assuming we don't get any feedback that might require rewriting rules, we're on to adding art and final formatting.

The first supplement is still a bit out from being done and I'd like to release them together. But it's exciting to be able to say that one of the books is almost done!

I also discovered the Kindle version isn't updating properly, which may require pulling it from Amazon and for us to republish it under a new listing. If this happens, we'll be trying to find a way to get the final release to those who bought the Kindle edition at no charge. Hang tight for details!